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Rev. Javen X. King

Senior Pastor

Pastor Javen X. King has been a minister since the age of seventeen. He has worked in several capacities in the church including: deacon, youth pastor, assistant pastor and associate pastor. He has worked tirelessly in the community, volunteering his time to help those less fortunate all throughout the Southern New Jersey area.

In 2018 he was ordained Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Assembly of Williamstown NJ. Pastor King has a Kingdom agenda and is determined to die empty by helping God's people develop their purpose and live out their destiny. Pastor King is the husband of Sheila King and they have two beautiful children. Pastor King encourages people not just to live but to thrive.

Rev. Louise M. Savage


Overseer Rev. Louise M. Savage, a woman of faith who believes that God has a "Purpose and Destiny" for all of his people.

After surrendering her life to Christ at a young age Rev. Savage later answered the call to ministry in 1977, since then she has been spreading the gospel message far and near.

Rev. Savage has served faithfully and tirelessly in various areas of ministry throughout the years, she was ordained as assistant Pastor of the Cornerstone Christian Assembly church of Williamstown, New Jersey in 2009.

Rev. Savage has a true heart for Gods people which is exemplified through her commitment and dedication to the work of the Lord. In 2012 Rev. Savage was installed as Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Assembly. In 2018 she was ordained as the General Overseer of the Cornerstone Christian Assembly Church.

Cornerstone serves as a beacon of light for our community and surrounding areas as Rev. Savage continually reinforces scripture stating "Whosoever will let him come."

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